Catholic Direct Marketing—Where Faith & Business Merge For The Sake Of Souls

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No one likes to think of a parish or its school as a business, but they most certainly meet the criteria of a business by anyone’s standard. Your parish church and a business meet the same criteria:

  • Like a business you have to pay the overhead
  • You must take in more money than you spend to remain viable
  • You must have a quality product, or deliverable, to stay in business, and your “product” is of the highest quality—the sacraments and the works of mercy
  • Just as a business must meet the needs of its customers, so too must the parish meet the needs of parishioners… or they’ll go elsewhere—and we know from statistics and surveys they certainly do

If your parish has a school, these same criteria apply to it as well. But there are also major differences between a business and your parish church and school. The first major difference is, no business is concerned about the eternal destination of souls. The second major difference is, your “deliverable” is of divine origin and not man-made. The final major difference for parishes with schools is, it is your responsibility to form young hearts and minds to be leaders in both the Church and the community as well as learn how to live in this life in order to be happy in the next.

Then there is the obligation of every parish priest to make sure his parishioners have everything they need to become holy, a saint (Matthew 5:48). Related to that is the Catholic obligation to evangelize lapsed and non-Catholics for Christ. Indeed, there are only two primary obligations for every Catholic, lay or cleric—to become a saint and to share the faith. Every other obligation we have falls under these two obligations.

The unfortunate reality is, souls cost money. It has been this way since Christ walked the earth in His public ministry, and it will be that way until He comes again. And money is only part of the problem.

There Is No Program That Will Accomplish Any Of These Things

There are probably hundreds of programs available for every obligation and concern mentioned above, . But you’ve tried countless programs, most of which you soon abandon because they don’t work in your parish or school. There is a reason why these programs won’t work and why they will never work.

The parish or diocese in which these programs were developed didn’t have them as programs, but rather as systems. When they are successful in their place of origin, the creators mistakenly think what they have done can be imitated and implemented everywhere. Then they learn that the results they got are never replicated anywhere else.


The difference between a program and a system is that a program is an out-of-the-box generic solution, but a system is designed by taking the local demographic, psychographic and psychic-graphic in mind, even if the creators didn’t realize that was what they were doing. So when the system they set up is used as a program elsewhere, it generally flops… or at least doesn’t perform as well as it originally did when you try to use it.

Enter Catholic Direct Marketing

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You don’t need a “program” in your parish to raise funds, help your parishioners grow both spiritually and catechetically, generate excitement and interest in Catholic teaching, or reach out to lapsed and non-Catholics to grow your parish attendance. What you need is someone who can analyze your parish demographics, psychographics and psychic-graphics then devise and implement systems that will do everything you need and want to accomplish in your parish or parish school. And that someone is Catholic Direct Marketing. To learn more about how we can the solution to your problems, click here and keep reading.