Simple Solutions In A Complex World

Sometimes all that is really needed is a fresh, objective, unjaundiced set of eyes to see solutions that have been staring you in the face the entire time.

That’s where
Catholic Direct Marketing comes in!

Of course, it requires more than just a fresh look at the situation. It also requires having the person looking at the overall picture to have the knowledge, tools and experience to be able to actually come up with solutions… solutions that can be simply and thoroughly implemented. So let me tell you how
Catholic Direct Marketing works to design and implement solutions to your parish’s biggest problems:

  1. We begin by having a long chat with you about what you see as your parish’s most pressing needs, your short term goals and your long term goals.
  2. Then we come into the parish as an anonymous visitor several Sundays in a row to get a feel for the demographic, psychographic and psychic-graphic of your parish.
  3. The next step is to help you create a profile of your ideal parishioner.
  4. Then while designing systems to be put into place for what you perceive as the most immediate needs, we will simultaneously focus on increasing your collections, attendance, enrollment in your school, parishioner engagement, and motivating your lay faithful to become more knowledgeable and excited about the faith.
  5. Finally, once the systems are designed and meet with your approval, we will implement those systems with as little personal involvement on your part than is absolutely necessary. In other words, we do all the heavy lifting and you and your parishioners reap the benefits.

So What Qualifies Catholic Direct Marketing To Help You Grow Your Parish?

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Catholic Direct Marketing is a subsidiary of Conservative Direct Marketing, a St. Louis area based marketing company that serves small businesses to help them grow and become more profitable. The whole reason this subsidiary was founded is because of the owner’s deep abiding love for the Catholic Church. And our owner, Larry Ford, has a unique combination of talents and experience that make him uniquely qualified to help you solve every problem you have in your parish… no matter what those problems may be. Those talents and experience include…

  • A personal endorsement from Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke for his abilities to serve your parish.
  • He is a consecrated member of the Marian Catechist Apostolate, under the direct supervision of the apostolate’s International Director, Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke.
  • Larry is an adult convert of thirty years, a man who became a convert because he couldn’t escape the immutable truths of Catholicism and fell helplessly in love with the Catholic Church.
  • He has been involved in lay evangelization since he was a catechumen, having been used of the Holy Spirit to make hundreds of converts over the years.
  • He has been a direct marketer for nearly forty years, which means he knows how to think outside the box and can come up with innumerable fresh ideas.
  • As a direct marketer and highly trained copywriter, Larry has all the experience and knowledge necessary to help you raise all the funding you need for your parish, school, or projects.

Combined, these talents and experience make Larry Ford the ideal problem solver for your parish or school.

To see Cardinal Burke’s endorsement of Larry Ford, please
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